DILFs Of Disneyland Instagram is a Must Follow

There are a lot of Instagram accounts out there. There's the offensive ones, the cute ones, the supercool ones, and now there's also one called DILFs of Disneyland. Yes, that's correct, there is an Instagram account dedicated to the hot dads seen at Disneyland. I defy the universe to come up with anything more entertaining to look at than attractive men being dads at Disneyland.

Now on the one hand, I get that the whole "taking photos of unsuspecting strangers and posting them on the Internet" thing can be a little...weird. Remember the Women Who Eat on Tubes Tumblr? Yeah. And I was one of the people who was less than enthusiastic about that whole Tindafella parody Instagram. But still, the point of this account doesn't seem to be to make fun of any of these dads — if anything just the opposite. The premise of the account is presumably the idea that people like seeing attractive guys being dads, especially with a Mickey Mouse or two hanging around. I personally find the whole thing adorable.

So if you're looking to have a vicarious family vacation in Disneyland or just to see pictures of cute guys with cute children, DILFs of Disneyland is clearly an account for you to follow, ASAP.

Just look at this:

Images: @Dilfs_of_Disneyland/Instagram