Saracen's Headed to USA Network

At this point I've given up any pretense of ever fully letting go of Friday Night Lights, so I'd like to extend a formal apology to Zach Gilford that I will continue calling him Matt Saracen in my head even as he establishes himself in other characters and TV shows. There's just no escaping it. Things seem to be going pretty well for him, though: Gilford's signed on for USA's Stanistan . From the sounds of it this show is super USA-y, so it's got the off chance of garnering him a whole new small-but-devoted fanbase.

Apparently living by the philosophy that one network can never have enough shows centering around FBI agents/CIA agents/covert workers/people who wear suits to work, USA Network's Stanistan follows what The Wrap is calling a combination of "State Department workers, covert CIA officers and journalists strik[ing] a delicate balance of danger and levity" at an American compound in Stanistan, USAID.

Joining the former Saracen will be Dexter's former Deb, one Jennifer Carpenter, who will be playing a public affairs officer. Gilford will be playing an Infrastructure Manager, and Desperate Housewives' Jonathan Cake will be joining the cast as well, playing "a suave and fearless on-air foreign correspondent" who has a thing with Carpenter's character. The thing is complicated, of course. If my general, unintentional pattern with USA shows follows through to this one I will watch two episodes, mean to keep watching, and then forget it ever existed. But I really do want the best for Matt Saracen.