Stephen Moyer to Star in 'The Sound of Music' on NBC, Sadly Not as Bill Compton

Never thought I'd say this, but True Blood star Stephen Moyer is going to star in a live adaptation of The Sound of Music opposite Carrie Underwood on NBC this December. It's going to be hard to see Moyer on screen without that ridiculous old Southern accent and Sookie running around Austria screaming "Beeeeeeeel," but we're sure NBC will find some way to work that in.

There's not that much info floating around about the telecast yet, but it seems like the adaptation is going to be pretty much just like the original musical that inspired it. According to a press release that The Hollywood Reporter posted: Moyer will be portraying Capt. Georg Von Trapp, a World War I hero who is the single father of seven (!) children in Austria just before World War II. He hires a pretty governess to watch after his kids, Maria (Underwood), and eventually he falls in love with her because she looks like Carrie Underwood.

The adaptation will be broadcast live on NBC on Dec. 5 and will run about three hours. Also, there's a lot about Moyer's impressive experience working in theater prior to his True Blood run, including the fact that he's a stage veteran in the UK. As for Underwood, she did American Idol, which is close enough.

It's not quite the same as the material he's going to be singing in The Sound of Music, but here's a look at Stephen Moyer holding a pretty impressive tune in the 2004 TV movie, The Final Quest: