Pharrell Williams And Adidas Just Released A New Shoe Line — Here's What The Kicks Would Look Like If They Were Based After His Songs

It looks like another celebrity collaboration has made its way into our lives. Pharrell Williams and Adidas just released photos of his new line with the brand, which hit the shelves at Packer Shoes on Saturday. How do Pharrell’s kicks look? In a word: colorful. The “Solid Pack” line includes solid blue, black, or red sneakers for $150 a pop, which — of course — look WAY more fab than your average gym shoes. Fedora not included.

Celebrity collaborations can really say quite a bit about a star. Some are a success. Gwen Stefani practically made a name for herself in the fashion world with L.A.M.B. Others? Yikes. Remember Jessica Simpson’s cupcake body spray line? Yes — because everyone wants to smell like butterscotch and toffee in the morning. Let’s stick to high heels and singing, Miss Simpson!

But Pharrell’s line might actually be a hit. After all, The Voice judge has made quite a name for himself on the red carpet. One problem with the line, though: there are only three pairs. But what if Pharrell designs some more kicks based off the one thing he's most known for: his music! Here's what six pairs of shoes would be like if they were based off well-known Pharrell songs. You know — because "Happy" can't leave your lives just yet.

1. "Happy"

These shoes would be covered in rainbows and unicorns and pretty much anything and everything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. At first, they'd be really cute. Everyone and their mother would buy a pair of "Happy" kicks. But after a few months, you just want them to stop. "Are you effing kidding me?" you shriek as another basic bitch struts through Forever 21 wearing a pair. But hey — no matter how over-worn the trend gets, they'll still put you in a good mood. Be sure to look out for the Special Edition Minion pair.

2. "Come Get It Bae"

These shoes would come with a foam finger and twerking because, you know, Miley was in the song. "Come Get It Baes" would be spotted in crowded clubs with sketchy lighting across America. Want a sexy night out? They'd be your go-to. Just one thing: Don't be that girl who wears her "Come Get It Baes" to class. We'll judge you.

3. "Marilyn Monroe"

Kelly Osbourne collaborated on "Marilyn Monroe," so these would obviously be the most popular kicks on the streets of London. Not quite as mainstream as "Happy" and "Come Get It Baes," these shoes are for when you want to be sexy... but not too sexy.

4. "Brand New"

"Brand News" would be for people who want to feel happy without, you know, actually having to wear "Happy" kicks. They're subtly cheerful about their footwear, but don't overdo it. Since the song features lyrics by Justin Timberlake, these shoes would be worn by guys who want to charm girls. Asking a girl out to formal? Want to serenade a lucky lady? Make sure to have your "Brand News" on.

5. "Can I Have It Like That"

Just a friendly reminder that this song was released in 2005. Likewise, these shoes would be for people who just don't get social media. They'd only come in traditional colors, like white and black, but for people who still want to fit in with the cool kids. Oh, and because Gwen Stefani was featured in the song, they'd be part of her L.A.M.B. line.

6. "Blurred Lines"

For douchebags everywhere.

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