Lana Del Rey Will Perform in a Cemetery, Plus 10 Other Celebs Who Performed in Strange Locations

The Ultraviolence singer has no problem embracing her dark side, which explains why she's scheduled to play two shows at a cemetery. Billboard reports Lana Del Rey will p erform two gigs at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. As creepy and odd as that may sound, Del Rey's graveyard gig isn't the weirdest venue. Check out these 10 other celebrities who performed in strange locations:

Kanye West

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West clearly has a thing for taking over microphones. In 2010, Yeezy grabbed the intercom on a Delta Airlines flight for an impromptu medley of his hits “The Good Life” and “Gold Digger.”


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Solange turned what is possibly one of the most boring places on Earth into an all-out jam session when she performed in a Brooklyn laundromat.

Foo Fighters

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In 2011, when The Foo Fighters learned that the Westboro Baptist Church were boycotting their performance, the band showed up at the protest and performed their song “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns)” in the back of a truck.


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Three years before Kanye West’s unplanned in-flight performance, Jamiroquai’s sky-high show took place on a Boeing 757 flight from Munich to Athens. Unfortunately, singer James Blunt broke Jamiroquai’s “Highest Gig in the World” record by performing on a plane that flew 5,000 feet higher.


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Before having The Black Album declared the best-selling album in the US since 1991, Metallica landed in the Guinness Book Of World Records in 2013 when they became the only band to play all seven continents in a year, including a most unique set inside a small dome in Antarctica.

Taylor Swift

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Swift recovered from the most infamous speech interruption of all times at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards to pull off an energized performance in the NYC subway.

The White Stripes

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Jack White’s recent onstage rant against the Foo Fighters likely made for a unique performance, but perhaps it wasn’t as interesting as the time The White Stripes performed on a bus or the show they did in a bowling alley.

Arcade Fire

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Lunch period was always a great time for goofing off, but Arcade Fire decided to entertain a group of students at Canterbury High with a benefit concert in the school’s cafeteria.

Ed Sheeran

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For some musicians, performing in a train station may sound like a “don’t,” but Ed Sheeran didn’t mind entertaining commuters at the St. Pancras International Station.

Alicia Keys

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In 2004, Keys joined Cyndi Lauper, Boyz II Men and Nellie McKay for a performance at the Great Wall of China.