27 Incredible Plus Size Halloween Costumes For Your Fall Fantasies, From Elsa to Tracy Turnblad

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Halloween is about a lot of things: candy, friendship, preservation of a youthful spirit, celebration of the dead, more candy. But whilst all of these things are wonderful (especially the candy!), one of the most fantastical parts of the holiday is undoubtedly the dress-up factor. It's the only day of the year you can completely and utterly ditch your inhibitions and be whoever you want to be — whether that's a princess, a super hero or a half-naked school girl.

When I was a teenager (a chunky teenager, mind you), it was nearly impossible to find a costume in my size. I was limited to all of two or three options from the local shop's "husky" section (yes, it actually was called the "husky" section), and as a result I often opted out of Halloween. It seemed preferable to dressing up as a sack of potatoes. But these days, the options have greatly improved. And I mean greatly.

Plus-size fashion might still have a long way to go in terms of variety and abundance, but plus-size Halloween fashion is doing oodles better than it ever has before. You can be Elsa or Maleficient. A Care Bear or a Marionette. This is such an amazing day — a day to feel free and wacky and wonderful — and finally (can I get an "hallelujah?") designers are letting us plus-size babes partake in all Halloween costume shopping has to offer. Now, if only Halloween could be every day of October...

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