8 of the Most Controversial Fashion Images of the 2000s

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Rehab, racism, overall raunchiness. There aren’t many topics that the fashion industry hasn’t met head-on, enveloping them into glossy fashion ads and spreads. Recently, an ad for Elle MacPherson Intimates surfaced, featuring a Peeping Tom view of a woman lying crumpled on the floor in a bra and underwear. Her shoulders are hunched and her face is down. It didn’t take long for critics to read this ad as one of a defeated and sexually vulnerable woman. The fashion industry has a long history of using provocative imagery, meant to provoke, push and propagate general discomfort. Whether these images instigate important dialogue or exploit them, is a debate that has a winding recorded history on Twitter, blogs and articles across the Web. Here are some of fashion’s most controversial from the millennium.

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