New York Times Drops F-Bomb For The First Time

Between Taylor Swift and the New York Times, Sunday brought the F-bomb back in style.

The New York Times, dignified media bastion that is, has until now flat-out refused to say 'fuck.' Its senior standards editor (let's take a moment to imagine exactly what that job entails) has defended the paper's non-use of the F-bomb, saying: "We feel some obligation to try to maintain the Times as a respectable publication, and respect all of our readers.”

So, we don't really know what this means: inside the paper's T magazine, buried at the very end as part of a book extract, the paper finally broke its strict policy and said: Fuck it.

Well, kinda. The sentence they decided to break ground with is as follows:

"Quit fucking black cops or get booted from the Communist party."

It's the opening of a novel entitled Dissident Gardens, by Jonathan Lethem. That section of T doesn't go up online, meaning if you look for it on the Times website, you won't find it. So what does this mean for the Times? A self-styled liberation, a move towards a Hobbesian anarchic period, or a really bad copy editor?

Responded Lethem, in an email to Salon:

The Times has said nothing yet, presumably because they're busy yelling "fuckhead!" at the copy editor that was hungover Saturday.