New 'Walking Dead' Season 4 Clip: Michonne, You In Danger, Girl

First, the bad news: To get to this tiny little Walking Dead clip, I'm sorry to say, but you have to sit and wait through a whole Low Winter Sun promo because that's the only way the network can get anyone to watch it. In a very Regina George-ian voice, I will start this post off with a simple request directed at AMC—"Stop trying to make Low Winter Sun happen. It's not going to happen."

That said: This is a new clip from The Walking Dead! Finally! It's not much (like I said, it's only about 30 seconds) but it is more interesting than most things on TV right now so it's worth a few views. Basically, it gives us a look at Michonne riding her new horse, Flame, onto prison grounds, while a few walkers mill about, seemingly harmless in a "don't get too close or else they'll bite off your face" kind of way. When Carl opens the gates for her, however, they follow her in — and are suddenly way calm, and way more bite-y. Michonne is able to hold them off while Maggie runs over to help.

Then the clip ends, because life SUCKS.

Luckily, we won't all have to wait that long before this show is on our TV screens again: The Walking Dead is set to return to AMC on Oct. 13, for its fourth season. You can check out the clip, complete with Low Winter Sun promotion, below.