'Exodus' Trailer Features Impassioned Christian Bale But Aaron Paul's Facial Hair Is The Real Star — VIDEO

Forget Rhamses and Moses and the parting of the Red Sea because there's something even more biblical going on in this trailer. The official trailer for Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings is here and it's everything you expected it to be and more because the real star is Aaron Paul's impressive facial hair. Sure, the film's latest trailer still features Sigourney Weaver in campy Egyptian make-up and makes it completely obvious that there was a lack of racial accuracy in the film's casting, but Paul's two appearances will absolutely knock your socks off. Oh, and Christian Bale is pretty great, too. I guess.

The official trailer for Exodus essentially runs you through the movie's plot — Moses and Ramses are brothers, Moses wants to free the slaves and Rhamses says hell no, they fight, the plagues come (hell yeah, special effects!), and Christian Bale commands legions of followers like he was born to do it. But not Bale's perfect facial hair nor Joel Edgerton's stark hairlessness can shake a stick at the impressive facial hair plastered on Aaron Paul's face.

Maybe it's because I'm used to Breaking Bad-era Paul with little to no facial hair, but the two glimpses of the actor with a lush beard and long locks blowing in the wind are obviously the clear stars of this trailer. I mean, c'mon.

This just some next-level facial hair craftsmanship. And here is the beard on a chariot:

Do they give Oscars for facial hair? Watch the full Exodus: Gods and Kings official trailer here:

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