What Does His Latest Tweet Mean?

You're such an enigma, Ashton Kutcher. Or maybe just the most fun dad of all time if this is your announcement that your kid is going to get not one, but five dogs just for being born. Talk about being cool parents. According to TMZ, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have welcomed a baby girl. That's right, the couple made in That '70s Show heaven allegedly became parents on Tuesday night at Cedars-Sinai hospital when Kunis gave birth to a baby girl. And while we were all waiting on bated breath for the couple's official announcement that they have, in fact, become parents, Kutcher tweeted his first tweet as an alleged new father at 6 p.m. EST and it's kind of totally random.

The actor and fiancé tweeted a photo of a man pushing a stroller with five Collies piled on top. No, he's not the man pushing the stroller and no, there isn't a baby hidden beneath those fluffy dogs — because that would be wildly unsafe. Kutcher captioned the photo, "Things that make you go 'hmmm,'" so what does it mean? Unless it doesn't mean anything and it's just a funny joke to throw us all off the trail of their alleged baby news so that the pair can enjoy some time alone with their new daughter.

Obviously fans wouldn't expect Kutcher or Kunis to take the serious route in announcing the birth of their child — they're both characteristically goofy and funny individuals in Hollywood. Take Kunis' hilarious interview with Jimmy Kimmel about new dad's saying "we are pregnant" and Kutcher's photo of Kunis' "nesting" that the actor posted on Twitter last week.

But maybe, just maybe, this tweet means that the Kutcher-Kunis clan is going to keep expanding in the future? God, I hope so.