How to Wear 1 Style of Jeans 5 Different Ways

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In my mind, I'm one of those girls who only wears four or five black items consistently and styles them all effortlessly. You know, the cool, minimalist chick who uses a stack of super hip magazines as a bedside table to rest her super hip tea upon. In reality? I'm more like the kind of girl who purchases bulk items on impulse and panics later. But, hey, minimalism? It seems ideal.

Perhaps the trick is to stick with one pair of jeans and rock them with five very different styles. Take the Alley Straight by Madewell, which Madewell's head of design, Somsack Sikhounmuong, says is a new, sexy option, made to be fitted through the hip but a little straighter through the leg.

A sexy, versatile jean that looks cool styled a million different ways? I'll take 16 pairs, please — see what I mean about the whole impulse-purchases thing?

Written by Olivia Muenter.

This post is sponsored by Madewell.

Images: Madewell (4)

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