Eminem's New Song 'Berzerk' Takes Aim at Khloe & Lamar: Who's He Dissed In the Past?

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Shady's back. Back, again. On Monday night, Eminem released his new single "Berzerk" and it's already No. 2 on iTunes. The new tune, which is off MMLP2, will make fans of his happy — it's got everything there is to love about an Eminem song — tight rhymes, a catchy hook, and shots fired at celebrities. In this case, Khloe Kardashian and Kevin Federline are his targets du jour ... yeah, that's right K-Feds. In honor of his Em's return to the spotlight, let's take a look at his insults in "Berzerk," and some of his best (or are we supposed to say worst?) celeb disses of all time.

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