Paralyzed Bride Walks Down The Aisle, And No, We Just Have Something In Our Eye – VIDEO

If you already put on make-up today, then it’s my civic duty to tell you not to watch this video, because by the end of it you will be in tears. Six years ago, Gina Giaffoglione was told that she would never walk again. A car accident had left the rigorous athlete paralyzed from the belly button down. But after meeting the love of her life John Springhower, the Omaha bride decided to make her trip down the aisle one that her guests would never forget: she was going to walk it, odds be damned.

In short, Gina is my new hero. Not only did she keep an admirably upbeat attitude about the prospect of getting married after her injury, but her commitment to overcoming something that major in order to have her dream walk down the aisle proves she is just about the most determined and positive person on the planet.

“I might be having a bad day, but I’m having a day,” she tells KETV 7 in Omaha. “I’m here and I’m able to have a day. And this walk down the aisle might not be what I envisioned it to be, but we’re having a walk down the aisle.”

The video shows the process of her physical therapy, and how therapists took the care to specially design her braces to fit under her sparkling and stunning gown. You can tell from the look on her fiancé’s face, and the amazed silence from their guests, that walk must have been worth every gritting moment she spent working for it.

Giaffoglione describes walking alongside her father: “It’s a floating that you can’t even explain. It’s not even about the walking, it’s the emotions that are floating, everything just seems to feel so good at that moment.”

And just in case you aren’t wading in a puddle of tears, nothing compares to the sweet and cautious way her new husband looks up at the priest at the end of the ceremony and asks, “Can I kiss her?”

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