These Disney Wedding Cakes, Though

Ever imagine having Tinkerbell make an appearance at your wedding (or am I the only one who watched Hook too much as a kid)? Leave it up to the minds behind the magical kingdom to bring you the Disney wedding fairytale of your dreams. For those of you looking for a particularly unique twist to your big day, the company recently showed off new Disney wedding cakes that made my inner five-year-old way too excited. With cake projection mapping, a new technique that basically projects images onto blank white icing that acts as a projection screen, you can put pretty much anything you want on your cake. The Disney website suggests using slideshows, home videos, or quotes, but who would go with those options when you could have your favorite Disney princess show up? Or, for those much more talented and/or connected than me, you could project your own animated love story on there.Unfortunately, right now you can only get cake mapping through the Florida Wishes Collection package, which allows you to have your wedding at Disney... but also starts at $12,000. Phew. However, it looks like other people are taking note of the technology, so watch for more of these cakes to start showing up at weddings in the next few years. In the meantime, feel free to watch this video and ooh and aah over it as much as you want. You have to see it to believe it.