What Couples Think They Look Like Versus Reality

Ah, couples. They think they look so cute, caught up in their own world of inside jokes and feeding each other ice cream for no particular reason. Of course, when it comes to how they actually look, that's often a different story, as hilarious new Buzzfeed video "How Couples Think They Look Vs. How They Actually Look" is quick to remind us.

Here we see a young couple, all fresh with the glow of love, completely unaware that it is completely obvious to everyone that they are leaving the party so they can go home and have sex and not because she's "not feeling well." Or that their PDA is not on the low-key level they think it is. Or that their flirting has devolved into something more akin to baby talk.

But hey, as this and other Buzzfeed videos have pointed out, being in love is weird. I mean suddenly there is this whole other person who you spend all this time with one on one and and you get all these inside jokes and relate to each other in your own unique way and don't have to speak in complete sentences anymore and before you know it, you're answering the phone "Hey, puddles," and in your head it's all still cute because you're experiencing a form of socially acceptable insanity called love.

Just remember, to the rest of us, you look very different.