Miley Cyrus & Britney Spears To Collaborate, Guess Which One We're Worried About

It was only a matter of time before the two ultimate "good girls gone bad" united. This generation's post-Disney rebel Miley Cyrus will collaborate with Britney Spears, the '90s kids' reformed pop star. The collab will happen on Cyrus's upcoming, horribly named album Bangerz and songwriter Sean Garrett, who worked on Bangerz, told Vibe that Spears is featured on the album. It's not a very surprising pairing, the two pop stars' careers have had pretty similar trajectories, but guys, Spears has been doing so well! If she starts hanging out with Cyrus, she could be tempted to revert back to the Spears of her shaved head days, and all of her progress since then could be undone. After all, she has a lot in common with the "We Can't Stop" singer.

Both Cyrus and Spears started with Disney, Spears on The Mickey Mouse Club and Cyrus on Hannah Montana. Their first albums were sweet and innocent, Spears started out with her classic hits "Hit Me Baby One More Time" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy," while Cyrus (as Hannah Montana) had "Best of Both Worlds" and "Who Said." Gradually, both started rebelling against their squeaky clean, teen idol images. Both started wearing sexier outfits in photo shoots, concerts and music videos, and their songs gradually became less wholesome.

Then, of course, the big breakdown. For Spears, it was that infamous night in 2007 when she saved her head and started attacking paparazzi with an umbrella. She soon lost custody of her children and many people thought her career was over. Even her big performance at that year's VMAs, meant to be a comeback, completely failed.

In case you're wondering when Cyrus's big breakdown is coming, I'd argue that it's already started. And no, not because she also got a dramatic haircut. Lately all Cyrus wants to talk and sing about is drug use, her relationship is clearly on the rocks, and the girl rarely wears pants. She's also been getting a lot of heat about cultural appropriation, especially since her VMAs performance. Oh that performance. What Cyrus likely wanted to be her big breakout moment, showing everyone who she is now as an "adult," ended up just ruining her credibility, even if it does help album sales.

If Cyrus and Spears start spending time together, the younger star should learn how to comeback from controversy. Spears has had two enormous chart-topping albums and one respectably successful release since her breakdown, and she's no longer immediately associated with that crazy umbrella-wielding version of herself. Cyrus will be mocked for the VMAs for a long, long time.

Do yourself a favor, Britney, record the song, give Miley some advice and move on. Don't let the twerking hypnotize you into her world.