10 Cute Gift Ideas For Couples That Are Perfect For Every Occasion, Or Just Because

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You guys, Etsy is a treasure trove of excellence. From handmade wedding décor to birthday cards, I’ve found so many unique gift ideas on Etsy, I don’t know if I’ll ever shop at a real store again. I’ll admit that I may be a little Etsy obsessed. I swear this isn't a paid advertisement; I’m just literally in love with a website. Unrelated: Is this the plot of Her?

In another life, I am a jewelry designer in Brooklyn, selling slim leather bracelets and the occasional greeting card on my very own Etsy shop. But for now, I am just a huge fan stalking the shops of every seller that crosses my path. And let me tell you, there are some great ones.

The best part about so many of these shops is their unwavering commitment to creating adorable and lovely goods. My favorite place to hang out on Etsy is in the realm of couples gifts. Because whether it's customized portraits or tiny “I love you notes” to tuck in your beau’s wallet, the gifts are never ending, and always awesome. I gathered 10 of my favorites perfect for sending to your significant other, your favorite couple, or, you know, just keep for yourself.

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