Lance Bass Says 'NSYNC Doesn't Have Anything Planned Post-VMAs But We Shouldn't Believe Him

So, 'NSYNC finally reunited at the VMAs on Sunday. It was a short, lackluster reunion, yes — but a reunion it was! Seeing as it was ten years in the making, the question on everyone's lips is obvious, "What's next?" Let Lance Bass break your heart and tell you 'NSYNC has no plans for another reunion:

"It would be lovely to do it, but we got nothing planned."


But why should we believe him? Yes, he's actually in the band and would know better than anyone else, but he's sort of deceived us about 'NSYNC reunions before. Look, I'm not saying that Lance Bass is lying. I'm just saying, why should we believe anything he says when it comes to 'NSYNC reunions? Not saying he's lying! But kind of.

I want to believe, OK? Leave me with my denial. Ignorance is bliss.

Bass made the comments to the Associated Press in the middle of his Sirius XM show, "Dirty Pop." Also, let's take a moment to consider how perfect that show title is.

There is one glimmering silver lining, though: Bass added that he doesn't know what the future holds when Timberlake isn't touring, and they could still plan something for then. "Who knows what will happen when [Justin Timberlake is] off tour ... it's simply not part of the conversation right now. We just focused on that one performance," he said. "If we did anything like that, I think we would come up with something real special where we could actually call it 'The Reunion.'"

SOMEONE GET A CHANGE.ORG PETITION UP FOR THIS UP RIGHT NOW. They can come up with a better title later.