Charlie Sheen's Being Sued For That Dentist Office Incident & This Story Just Keeps Getting Worse

Similar to a few other temper tantrum-throwing celebrities, Charlie Sheen isn’t typically recognized as being warm and approachable. But, somehow, it still came as a bit of a shock when claims came out revealing that the actor may have physically lashed out at a dentist’s office on Thursday. Although accusations that the actor threatened the dentist with a knife have since been denied by his representative Jeff Ballard, the dental technician has come forward to sue Charlie Sheen for assault, battery, sexual battery, and emotional distress.

Margarita Palestino, who has since been fired from her job for revealing the celebrity’s identity, has accused Sheen for punching her in the chest and grabbing her bra, according to Page Six.

However, Sheen’s attorney Marty Singer said the actor lashed out as a result of a negative effect he experienced from his pain medication for a shoulder injury and the nitrous oxide being used on him at the dentist’s office.

This definitely isn’t good news for Sheen, who has already been involved in his fair number of lawsuits — and it may put a damper on his apparent plans to make a Two and a Half Men comeback before the series' end.