James Franco & Seth Rogen Are Being Really Weird (But Always Hilarious) On Instagram — PHOTOS

Although it’s still difficult for me take James Franco seriously after his attempted rendezvous with a teen fan, his semi-naked selfies, and that bizarre essay he released about allegedly sleeping with Lindsay Lohan, his one major redeeming quality is that he’s besties with Seth Rogen. The two are like a younger, more comedic version of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart (but not quite as adorable — sorry, guys). In other words, they're pretty hilarious together. And on their most recent bro date, James Franco and Seth Rogen posed for a Naked and Afraid photoshoot, providing the world with something to make their day a little bit funnier.

Franco posted the three photos to his account on Friday and Saturday, revealing the pair naked (in a censored way) with similar looking cross-body tote bags that the contestants of Naked and Afraid are provided with. Although Franco implies that they’re really on the Discovery Channel show with captions like “Boom boom, NAKED and Afraid. Me and Seth, in the bush, naked, together. For reals,” and “Just survivin’, Naked and Afraid. This is how we do,” I’d be willing to place a pretty heavy bet that they’re not actually on the reality show. However, they’re most definitely in the nude. Afraid, though, is a stretch — I think they’ve seen each other naked so many times that they’re probably not that scared of each other anymore.

As fabulous as it would be to see Franco and Rogen teaming up to wander around the Mojave Desert together, or to wade through an alligator/snake-infested swamp, their chance of survival seems pretty low. I mean, didn't anyone see This Is the End?

Images: jamesfrancotv/Instagram (3)