Sob At This Elderly Man's Song For His Dead Wife

Ready for your mid-week ugly cry? Because holy hell, do I have a doozy for you. This 96-year-old man, Fred Stobaugh, entered a singer-songwriter contest with a song he wrote about his wife of 73 years, Lorraine, who recently passed away.

Stobaugh, who said the lyrics to "Sweet Lorraine" came to him one night soon after his wife had died, sent the handwritten lyrics to his song in to the contest — on the actual envelope, Stobaugh had written "P.S. I don't sing. I would scare people. Haha." The people behind the contest at Green Shoe Studio were so touched by Stobaugh's story and his song that they decided to produce the song, as well as a short documentary. Watch it below and please, have tissues ready, unless you think you're immune to montages of vintage pictures and heartwarming lyrics.

And let's be real — you're not.

TEAR. Okay, go forth and enjoy your Wednesdays with your faith in the power of love renewed.