Beyonce Reminded Us This Trend *Can* Be Cool

Remember when we didn't hate flower crowns? Yeah, neither do I. But there must have been a day when a lot of us liked them (not you, Courtney Love), because they somehow became more popular than pop punk in the early '00s and now we're really, really sick of them. Good thing we have Queen Bey to remind us that, when done right, flower crowns can be quite lovely. Beyonce wore an elegant flower crown in a recent Instagram post and guess what? I didn't hate it.

Now, some might claim that the only reason this particular flower crown works is because Beyonce is wearing it and Beyonce could wear a nylon tent as a dress and still look like magic. But I think Beyonce is just showing us the proper way to wear the flower crown. You've been doing it all wrong, Coachella attendees! Allow Beyonce to show you how.

First off, be naked. If you're naked, no one cares what's on your head, but if it's flowers you just might accidentally channel a Greek goddess and that'd be cool. Secondly, go makeup free. You woke up with this careful arrangement of blooms encircling your honey brown hair! And, thirdly, choose real flowers. The big white roses Beyonce wears outpace the rough clothe rosettes on a plastic "stem" crown from Free People by about a thousand miles.

Case in point:

Daaaaaaamn. Hotness this potent should be illegal. She looks like she emerged from beneath a garden wearing the rose bush as a hat. Perhaps we should all consider giving flower crowns another chance?

Image: beyonce/Instagram