Stackable Rings That're Good Enough to Eat

Stackable and midi style rings are one of my favorite recent trends and so I'm always looking for new ways to rock the look. Plain silver rings are nice and all, but sometimes one craves variety. That's why I was super pumped to discover Jane Moate's wonderful Etsy shop JanesTinyThings. According to HuffPo, Jane makes little food-themed midi rings that are so cute you'll want to eat them up! Or, just, like wear them every day. They are made of clay, unfortunately.

So, why food rings? Moate told HuffPo, "As a nail artist and a nail decal designer, I'd hear from so many people that thought my designs were cool but couldn't imagine wearing crazy nail art. I love midi rings and I thought this was a perfect place to put something kind of quirky and silly." Quirky and silly indeed! There are bagel with lox rings, pizza rings, sushi rings, and tons of other tasty designs. They're pretty affordable, too, given that the artist hand creates each piece with polymer clay. Fifteen dollars a pop isn't so bad for such lovingly crafted jewelry.

The best selling piece is, naturally, the pizza slice, but Moate has something for every kind of food lover, such as...

The soft pretzel! Perfect for the Auntie Anne's enthusiast in your life.

Pumpkin pie! For the not-so-basic fan of seasonal baked goods.

Donuts! For Agent Dale Cooper or anyone else who appreciates a damn fine cup of coffee and a good Boston creme.

And sushi! For, well, me.

Images: JanesTinyThings