Putin Wants To Take You To The Gay Bar

Notoriously awful human, massive homophobe and Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to take you to the gay bar, and he's going to canoodle with actor Gerard Depardieu while he's at it. At least, in this animated parody he does. Beautifully titled "Putin Depardieu Love Story (Gay Bar feat. P)" (although I'm not entirely sure who P is – Putin?), the mockup does what we've wanted to do with Putin's face since he's so vehemently opposed gay rights: make it say positive things about homosexuality. And what better way than to have him dubbed over with the aggressive anthem "Gay Bar" by Electric Six. Having him exchange eskimo kisses with an animated Gerard Depardieu (who has spoken out in favor of Putin) is just the titilating icing on the sexual beefcake.

With Russia's anachronistic laws and anti-gay violence (and Putin most recently threatening to invade his country's peaceful neighbors), this video feels like a small, but warranted victory, and watching fake-Putin dance against a background of rainbow colored strobe lights is nothing short of genius. Other favorite moments from the video include Putin kissing a missile to the lyrics "I've got something to put in you", and then walking along a beach/riding a horse wearing nothing but a pair of army fatigue pants. Towards the end of the video, inexplicable Putin fan and apologist, French actor Gerard Depardieu also makes a cameo to rub noses with his Russian hero. All in all, this is the perfectly disparaging video to bring a smile to your little left-leaning face. Watch below, and enjoy.