Angry Cat Is So Much Better Than Grumpy Cat

I'm not exactly what you would call a "cat person". It's not that I have anything against them particularly. We've just never...clicked. I think it's because, as cat owners are so fond of saying, I find them to be very much like humans: demanding, entitled, attention-seeking, dramatic, and leaving their hair in all kinds of places like they just expect you to clean it up. I should also mention that I've never been fond of human roommates either. Basically, I'm enough high-maintenance for one household. So really my disdain for cats is a reflection on my own shortcomings as a person, which is a truth I am both aware of and comfortable with. If you are into cats, you're probably a better, more patience, more generous, more laid-back person than I am, so like, way to go.

All of that said, I have found my soulmate and he is a cat. His name is Garfi, henceforth known forever as Angry Cat, and he is not here for any of your...anything. And before you even mention that washed-up has-been, Garfi is entirely too busy being pissed off about that chicken to even discuss Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat is done. It's about to be a new year, and if we have any collective sense at all, we'll make it our top priority to make 2015 the Year Of The Angry Cat.

Images: bflowers/imgur