'Twin Peaks' & 'Gilmore Girls' Mashup is Eerily Perfect — VIDEO

It's been a month of good news for fans of Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks with the former finally getting put on Netflix and the latter getting a television reboot. So it's only right that both classic, nostalgic shows get mashed together, of course. YouTuber Jamison Hermann granted our small-town TV wishes when he put the Gilmore Girls theme song on top of the Twin Peaks opening credits.

Carole King's "Where You Lead" is a pretty upbeat number about always being there for each other so it's a little odd to hear it while a photo of a dead body appear on the screen. But on another level it almost works. The song makes the town of Twin Peaks seem way nicer, and the images add a deeper level to the lyrics. (Five points to Hermann for overlapping the image of dead Laura Palmer and her blue lips with the song's line, "Feeling lonely and so cold.")

It was only a matter of time before the two shows were combined in some way, though. After all, they even share an actress in Sherilyn Fenn. On Gilmore Girls she played Luke's daughter's mother and in Twin Peaks she played Audrey Horne. So if you think about it, maybe both shows actually take place in the same TV universe. But even if they don't, at least we now have this mashup.

Image: Jamison Hermann/Youtube