Google Street View Hijacked A Camel To Show Us Round Abu Dhabi's Liwa Desert — PHOTOS

When it came to mapping out the Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi, Google knew it probably wouldn't be smart to take its little rolling robots out there. What to do instead, you ask? Well, Google enlisted a camel to carry its Google Street View camera. A camel, you guys.

The Street View camera was attached to the back of a now-famous 10-year-old camel named Raffia. Raffia was led throughout the desert's different regions with the camera on his back, which took pictures of the sprawling landscapes. You can see his shadow in some shots, and his adorable camel-footprints in others. Thanks to Raffia, Google collected sweeping views of the sand dunes, just like you'd see if you went on your own desert trek (without the crushing heat).

Najeeb Jaraar, Google's Product Marketing Manager for the Middle East and North Africa, wrote on Google's blog:

To bring this stunning desert to Street View, we fashioned the Trekker to rest on a camel, which gathered imagery as it walked. Using camels for the collection allowed us to collect authentic imagery and minimize our disruption of this fragile environment.

By taking Google's tour, you'll be looking at some of the oldest landscapes in the history of the world — from the point of view of a camel, and also without getting any sand in your eyes.

Take it all in. And pretend this wasn't the setting of Sex and the City 2.

"We hope this collection gives you a glimpse of what it may be like to travel the desert as caravan merchants have for the past 3,000 years," Jaraar wrote.

How cool is that?! If anyone needs me, I'll be clicking through this and pretending I'm on a desert vacation. Full screen, obviously.

Images: Screenshot (4) , Google Maps (1)