Baz Luhrmann And Barneys Hosting A Party At The Zoo For The Holidays, Naturally

Some film directors are revered due to sheer, visionary talent; others are respected for their eccentricity; and a cherished few possess some staggering amalgamation of the two. Baz Luhrmann represents the latter category. For his next hallucinogenic, opulent, merry project, Baz Luhrmann and Barneys are throwing a party at the Central Park Zoo to ring in the holiday season — and their forthcoming collaboration. Luhrmann is lending his unique, creative vision to Barneys for the latest installment of the store's famed annual holiday redesign, for which Barneys recently revealed the concept: Baz Dazzled Holiday. Though it follows on the heels of 2012's Walt Disney-conjured "Electric Holiday" and 2013's Jay-Z creation entitled "A New York Holiday", the Baz Dazzled Holiday is sure to induce holiday cheer in even the most jaded of New Yorkers.

However, the launch of the Barneys window display wouldn't be complete without one doozy of a soiree. Thus, the Central Park Zoo idea was born, complete with what Page Six calls a " fairytale wonderland" atmosphere, complete with “fantastical characters, woodland creatures, ice skaters, snow owls and candy canes." In other words, all the trimmings of a seasonal celebration, with Luhrmann's signature, electrifying slant.

There's no shindig like a Baz Luhrmann shindig, especially one meant to highlight the New York holiday spirit. Prepare your dancing shoes and polish your finest costume jewelry, because Luhrmann wants you to embrace the 2014 merriment with gusto — zoo creatures included.

Image: Giphy