'NSync's Joey Fatone Is the Only One Who Deserves a Comeback

In the midst of all the twerking, all the Justin Timberlake and all the, well, twerking, you might have missed the most important part of 2013's VMAs. No, I'm not talking about Taylor Swift's F-bomb or the Smith family's horrified reaction to Miley Cyrus's performance, I'm talking about the one, the only, Joey Fatone. The 'NSync member was onstage for approximately 45 seconds during the boy band's "reunion", but it was just long enough to make me realize that Joey's stardom hasn't reached its full potential. Forget a stupid 'NSync reunion tour — all we really need is more Joey in our lives. The dude's underrated.

No, he wasn't the heartthrob, and no, he wasn't even second in line to the heartthrob, and yeah, he's not the gay one nor the old one ... but our Joey, now 36, has something more to offer than his former bandmates. He's got charisma. He's got talent. He's got flatulence.

He joked with TMZ that he farted during their performance. What more Joey Is Awesome evidence do you need?

If fart jokes aren't your thing, there are many other reasons to cheer for a Joey comeback. First of all, he's physically ready for it. Sure, he may look a tad soft around the edges, but he's got the stamina of a race horse and explained that a 20 city tour full of dancing and performing would be no sweat. Unlike Chris Kirkpatrick, who hoped their brief reunion would involve stools and mic stands, Joey's pumped and raring to go.

Not that I necessarily want Joey to go on tour solo (would he just sing the bass harmony's of 'NSync songs on stage? No thanks), but he could stand to take on a few hosting gigs. He's great on stage! Remember The Singing Bee? And Dancing With the Stars? He's like that affable Italian uncle you never had. Plus, he always looks hungover, which serves to make everyone feel better about themselves.

And as sad as it may be that he and his wife of nine years are allegedly heading for divorce, a split just might give him the motivation to start working again.

Come on, Joe. Step it up. If Carson Daly can host The Voice, there's gotta be some project out there you can slap your name on. Be the star we always know you could be! Leave the Kanga hats and the frosted tip kit at home and start throwing your 'NSync weight around. The time is now, m'little Space Cowboy.