A Snoopy Coach Purse? Yes, Please!

Guyyyyss! I'm about to introduce you to the exact thing your handbag collection has been missing. It's pretty exciting, so make sure you're sitting down. Coach is releasing a line Peanuts-inspired of accessories. And yes, that does mean SNOOPY PURSES. I haven't been this excited about Coach since I got one of those C-adorned bags in middle school that, yes, I still cherish. What can I say? It goes with everything. You know what else goes with everything? Snoopy, obviously.

Cartoon-inspired fashion and accessories have been popular for several months now because who wouldn't want to inject some illustrated joie de vivre into their wardrobe? Given that Coach has been trying to revive its brand image recently with a new cool-girl ad campaign and collections full of re-vamped classics, a Peanuts collection seems like the perfect fit. Hip without sacrificing the tried-and-true sturdiness we've come to expect from Coach. Plus, did I mention Snoopy???

The limited-edition line features handbags, keychains, Snoopy toys, wallets and more and is slated for release in November. One of the highlights is the Surrey Satchel, which is already available for purchase on the Coach website for $450. This roomy purse features Coach signatures such as heavy stitching and distinctive hardware, plus an adorable line-drawing of Snoopy hugging Woodstock. It comes in black, tan, or white. All three shades are totally squeeeee-worthy. Why? BECAUSE SNOOPY.

Image: Coach x Peanuts