Meet Marni and Cub Beckerman, The Dogs Whose Closets Are Definitely Bigger Than Yours

If you possess an animal that you've even considered dressing up in clothing befitting its adorable nature, prepare yourself to meet two dogs whose closets rival anything you could possibly put together for your pup. Marni and Cub, AKA the Beckerman dogs, are a pair of impossibly chic pomeranians whose owners Cailli and Sam Beckerman have turned them into the next generation of fashionistas. The dramatic duo can be found preening and posing on their owners' Instagram account beckermanblog, but in an attempt to inundate the internet with even more irresistible snaps, the Coveteur team posted a ranking of the pomeranians top looks.

Karl Lagerfeld's beloved feline Choupette should be jealous, because in addition to an assortment of printed scarves, designer sunglasses, and DKNY digs, the pair also have their own, dedicated picnic basket, and Chanel accoutrements. What's more, Marni and Cub don't seem to mind playing dress up. If the selfies are any indication, the pair appear to enjoy the attention and cozy costumes. In fact, several of the photos captured the pomeranians looking about ready for an afternoon nap. Thus, in addition to exhibiting a dangerous number of utterly cuddly images and inciting designer clothing cravings in all who view them, these shots also beg the question: what are these owners doing right to train their dogs that I'm simply not? Here are a sampling of Marni and Cub's most winsome snaps, for little Halloween costume inspiration.

Images: beckermanblog/Instagram