Texas Tech's Phi Delta Theta Stripped of Its Chapter Following "No Means Yes" Banner

The Texas Tech fraternity Phi Delta Theta, self-appointed authority on what constitutes consent, has been stripped of its chapter following an investigation of a "No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal" banner displayed at a party hosted by the fraternity. The investigation was launched after images were released on the website Total Frat Move (which is, honestly, as awful as its name implies) of both the banner and a cut-out of a woman’s vagina attached to a working sprinkler. The fraternity was allegedly reinstated last year on probationary terms after the alcohol-related death of freshman Dalton Debrick during a rush event.

Let’s hear a round of applause for whomever decided that sexual violence wasn’t such a great look for the Phi Delta brand.

In a press release on its website, Phi Delta Theta Associate Executive Vice President Sean Wagner made the following statement:

When reviewing this reprehensible behavior, there was a clear lack of leadership that created an environment that was disrespectful to women. The disciplinary actions ensure that any individuals who were directly involved or failed to fulfill their obligation to act in the best interest of the organization are no longer involved with Texas Epsilon. Part of our mission within Phi Delta Theta is to educate, and the intent of the comprehensive education offered is to empower remaining members with knowledge to help fight sexual assault at Texas Tech and other college campuses.

Below, an image of the hand-painted banner. Seems to me there’s a fair amount of your rape prevention curriculum left to complete, compadre.

Images: Texas Tech University/Facebook; Total Frat Move