Mulberry Photographs Bags On Kensington Palace Gates, Gets Seriously Scolded — Oops!

Mulberry is royally screwed. The popular British designer launched it's new bag, The Kensington, this week, but unfortunately it's been met with some disappointment — well, at least from one big source. Rather than launch an elaborate ad campaign as per usual, Mulberry photographed the bag within Kensington, including on the gates of Kensington Palace, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live. Because what wouldn't motivate you to buy an expensive handbag like an image of it shoddily hanging from an iron gate?

The bag, which is a modernly interpreted drawstring leather satchel, is named for the company's London headquarters and is a new product for the Fall/Winter 2014 line. Mulberry hoped to capture Kensington's elegant and leafy streets, as well as historical spots such as Kensington Palace, in their hands-on marketing approach. But the palace was not impressed. Commercial photography is not allowed at Kensington Palace, something you would think to look into before embarking on such a grassroots ad campaign. "The image was taken without our permission and we requested that it be removed," a Palace spokesman said is response to Mulberry's tweeted picture of the bags on the gates. Mulberry responded that the photograph had been taken "in error." Oops.

Mulberry has since removed their tweet. Hopefully, they've learned their lesson and in the future, will stick with Cara Delevingne when promoting their handbags.

Images: Mulberry; _dpaj/Twitter