23 Lace Socks, Headbands, Sweatshirts, And Other Breezy Ways To Add Little Lacy Touches To Your Fall Wardrobe

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I think it's fair to say that lace has long been synonymous with summer style. The delicate, airy fabric makes for the sweetest sundresses and lightest layers that keep us cool during warm summer months. So it seems silly, then, to wear such a fragile fabric when the weather begins to beckon for us to bundle up. But the truth is that there are many fabulous ways to wear lace this fall!

From lace-adorned scarves and socks to cozy sweatshirts and pants, this openwork fabric seems to work well on almost everything. And if you think that lace is "too girly" for your taste, I've picked out a few pieces that incorporate lace in ways that suggest otherwise... like a lounge-y lace skull sweatshirt.

So click through the slideshow and start stocking up on the best lace pieces for fall. After all, we can't let summer have all the fun!

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