Lemony Snicket's New "Choose The Mystery" Video Series Is An Unexpected Gift You Must Check Out

Author Lemony Snicket has forever endeared himself to readers everywhere for his wonderful Series of Unfortunate Events books, but he certainly didn't stop writing once the series concluded. In fact, he's just released the third book in his All the Wrong Questions series — and to celebrate, Snicket has also released a Choose Your Own Adventure-style video series. It's titled "Choose The Mystery," and it looks hilarious.

The series comprises 34 videos in total, all of which use footage from black and white films. Told in the style of an good old fashioned detective noir, the series lets the viewers decide where the story goes as they tag along with Snicket to try to solve the mystery. Now, who could resist that? After all, it's always nice when the classic Choose Your Own Adventure format gets a fresh take.

This appears to be Snicket's first foray into the world of YouTube, though he's certainly not the first young adult author to post videos. John Green in particular might be just a famous for his VlogBrothers posts as for his novels. So will this be just the start of new and exciting YouTube content from another beloved author? Or is it just a one-time gift to help promote the new book?

Either way, it looks like a ton of fun:

LemonySnicketLibrary on YouTube

Image: LemonySnicketLibrary/YouTube