7 TV Shows That Are Actually Books You Read in High School English Class

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Your favorite offensively handsome Hollywood besties are at it again! Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are teaming up to executive produce a new series for Syfy called Incorporated, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Pearl Street Films, which is Affleck and Damon's film company, is developing the show. Affleck is also set to direct the company's other television project, The Middle Man, for Fox.

The Middle Man is a Boston crime drama set in the 1960's while Incorporated is, "a futuristic espionage thriller set in a world where corporations have seemingly unlimited power... [and] the story of one man's efforts to beat the system." It sure looks like Pearl Street Films' foray into television sure has a lot of, well, testosterone. Let's work on that, eh guys?

Incorporated, in its simplest estimation, also sounds quite a lot like George Orwell's classic novel 1984 — a grim look at a future in which everything is controlled by Big Brother and there's one man who tries to fight the oppression. Affleck and Damon's Incorporated isn't the only series that resembles one of the "required reading" books from your high school English class. From Breaking Bad to Friday Night Lights, your favorite shows are in this semester's syllabus. Take a look.

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