14 Katy Perry Lyrics That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Katy Perry is arguable one of the biggest names in pop, and like with any pop artist, she's bound to release a few tunes with less-than-brilliant lyrics. Sure, I may have her latest catchy-yet-totally-ridiculous single "Birthday" stuck in my head for the next 10 years, but even I have to question some of her more outlandish lyrics. ("Big balloons?" What could that possible be a metaphor for?) Check out the most questionable Perry lyrics to hit the air — they may be astoundingly ridiculous, but damn it are they in some seriously catchy tunes.

by Kaitlin Reilly


“I smell like a minibar/DJ’s passed out in the yard/Barbie’s on the barbeque/This a hickie or a bruise?”

I get that Perry is going for the whole “I-got-blackout-wasted-and-it-was-great” thing (not an awesome message, though I suppose it could be worse) but I will never understand what she means about “Barbie’s on the barbecue.” Does she mean Barbie dolls? Why are they on the barbecue? Is this a drug thing?

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"Ur So Gay"

“You walk around like you’re oh so debonair/You pull ‘em down and there’s really nothing there”

“Ur So Gay” was one of Perry’s very first singles, and it’s super different from the upbeat pop tunes she releases today. The song is about a hipster guy who is “so gay” even though he’s not actually into guys. Perry then basically says he doesn’t have a penis. I’m not sure whether to laugh or be offended by her gender stereotyping.

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Take me, ta-ta-take me/Wanna be a victim/Ready for abduction/Boy, you’re an alien/Your touch so foreign/It’s supernatural/Extraterrestrial”

Perry recently admitted that she believes in aliens, which led me to believe that there is no metaphor and Perry just wants to get down and dirty with the third kind.

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"Birthday Cake"

“So let me get you in your birthday suit/It’s time to bring out the big balloons”

“Big balloons” is a metaphor, sure, but we already got the hint with the first line.

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"This Is How We Do"

“Now we talking astrology, getting our nails did, all Japanese-y”

“All Japanese-y?” Really, Perry? Really?

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"This Is How We Do" (Again)

“Yo, shout out to all you kids buying bottle service with your rent money. Respect!”

Perry should probably ask Suze Orman about this.

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"Dark Horse"

“Mark my words/This love will make you levitate/Like a bird”

Birds do not levitate. FYI.

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"Dark Horse"

“She’s a beast/I call her Karma/She eats your heart out/Like Jeffrey Dahmer”

Thanks for that, Juicy J, but… gross. And also not totally accurate.

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"Hot N' Cold"

“We used to be/Just like twins/So in sync”

Sure, it’s an okay turn of phrase. Just kind of weird that she’s comparing her boyfriend to her twin.

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“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag/Drifting through the wind/Wanting to start again?”

Honestly? Never.

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"I Kissed A Girl"

“No, I don’t even know your name/It doesn’t matter/You’re my experimental game/Just human nature.”

There’s just, like, a lot of faux-lesbian posturing going on.

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"Part of Me"

“So you can keep the dog from me/I never liked it anyway”

I know that Perry’s a cat person, but this just seems so sad. Maybe that’s why there’s a second version of the song that has swaps out the dog for a diamond.

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"Hummingbird Heartbeat"

“Let’s pollinate to create a family tree/This evolution with you comes naturally”

Obviously someone did not pay attention in biology.

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"California Gurls"

“Homeboys/Bangin’ out/All that ass/Hangin’ out/Bikinis, zucchinis/Martinis, no weenies/Just the King/And the Queeny”

I guess we can blame legendary rapper Snoop Dogg for this genius rhyme. What, was zucchini the only thing that rhymed with bikini?

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