Does This Smell Weird To You?

The one trend that's on the up and up this year is marijuana. Elle magazine just released a "pot" issue, hemp is increasingly touted for it's health benefits, it has medicinal advantages, and even beauty products are starting to be made of cannabis. But the one place it does not belong? Scenting your handbag. In probably the most embarrassing mix-up in fashion, customers are returning their Hermès Birkins claiming they smell like weed. The Birkin is obviously the dopest bag in fashion.

Customers, some of which paid upward of $20,000 for their bags, have been returning the Birkins to boutiques claiming they smell like marijuana, and the bags are being sent back to Paris because apparently nobody knows what to do. The company claims the stench is a result of "badly tanned" leather from the supplier, which is surprisingly identical to the smell we all remember emanating from underneath our high school bleachers. Yeah, okay.

This is becoming a problem, though, because the bags are only distributed to boutiques in limited quantities and are often on back order. To remedy the situation, Hermès will have to have the leather panels removed back in Paris and completely rebuild the bags sans smell.

Customers are not pleased, which is understandable given the amount they pay for these handbags. But I think I might know a way to ease their anxiety...

Images: 1stdibs/Twitter