Clint Eastwood & Wife Dina Are Second Celeb Couple to Call it Quits This Week

If you're above an, ahem, certain age, this is your week to announce a split from your spouse. On Wednesday, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones announced their split, and today, Clint Eastwood and wife Dina confirmed they're separated, as well. The couple had been together for 17 years and share one 16-year-old daughter, Morgan.

A source told Us Weekly that Clint, 83, and Dina, 48, have actually been living separately since 2012, and harshly added that Clint fell out of love with his wife last year, but Dina insists, despite the split, the two remain close. Dina was Clint's second wife — before her, he was married to Maggie Johnson for 31 years.

This isn't the first rough spot for the couple. Back in April, Dina spent time in rehab to seek help for stress-related issues — apparently, she suffered from depression and anxiety — and the pair reportedly hasn't been photographed in public together since 2011. So far, neither party has shared specifics about the reason for their impending divorce, but it's reportedly an amicable breakup.

Clint's got a busy year ahead of him; he'll likely replace Spielberg as the director of American Sniper , a movie based on the Navy Seal who penned an autobiography about being the military's deadliest sniper. Bradley Cooper's expected to play the lead.

We'd posit that perhaps his heavy work schedule will distract him from the agony of the divorce, but something tells us Dirty Harry doesn't feel no pain.