Summer Is Coming To An End: Wear This Trend While You Still Can, à la Alicia Keys

By Candace Bryan

Summer's last weekend is finally upon us, and once Labor Day is past, we'll soon be switching out our closets full of shorts and sandals for warm coats, wool hats, and boots.

As much as we love fall, there's a lot to miss about summer fashion. And though our minds usually focus on the whites, linens, and sundresses we have to retire, Alicia Keys reminds us this morning that there's another trend we'll be sorry to let go: brightly colored pants.

The songstress wrapped up Good Morning America's summer concert series earlier today, looking gorgeous in high-waisted pink pants and a simple black halter top. It was a chic example of how to rock colored pants, and was a perfect outfit to close out the summer.

So here's an idea: let's all end summer like Alicia Keys. We've already found one look that will help the transition into fall, but for whatever other plans you have lined up for this weekend, skip the dresses. Instead, let's whip out our favorite pair of colored pants and take them for one last ride. That way we can send off the season with a bright, well-fitted bang.