Should He Sign With Marvel or DC?

This should be taken with a grain of salt since there are tens of thousands of new names attached to Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange film every day, but this is one name that will excite just about everyone. Reportedly, Ryan Gosling is in talks for Doctor Stange, but that's not all. Gosling is also allegedly in talks for the Suicide Squad as well. How is that interesting? Doctor Strange is a Marvel movie and the Suicide Squad is a DC film, so everybody's favorite possible-father is being courted by the two major comic book companies for their franchises. It's good to know that Gosling having a baby girl with Eva Mendes hasn't slowed his career down at all — allegedly.

I can understand Gosling's potential dilemma. Before Wednesday, I would have said that he should sign with Marvel without question. Thanks to the Avengers franchise and every individual film therein, stars like Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth have gone from celebrities to superstars, experiencing a career resurgence like never before. Gosling might not need much help in that area, but a Marvel movie would have given him an even bigger career boom. However, on Wednesday, DC announced their future line up of films and they're starring African-American actors, LGBT actors, and Wonder Woman in her own title movie — diversifying their line-up while Marvel is still dragging their feet on that front.

Now it's really challenging to figure out which company's films the Gos should sign a deal for. Let's look at the pros and cons.


PRO: He'd be joining the ranks of some pretty hunky men.

Robert Downey Jr. and the Chris Trifecta of Hemsworth, Evans, and Pratt have girls everywhere fanning themselves and melting into puddles at the theaters. Gosling already has that going for him. He'd make a perfect addition to Marvel's collection of hunky leading men.

CON: He doesn't believe in that whole sex symbol thing.

Gosling might be able to admit that he's handsome (see insanely, insanely handsome), but he's never really been a fan of the whole sex symbol thing. I don't think he even tries to acknowledge people feel that way about him. I doubt he'd be doing any unnecessary shirtless scenes in Doctor Strange unless he was playing a character who hated wearing shirts.

PRO: Their movies are objectively better.

Sorry, but I'd rather watch a Marvel movie over a DC movie any day. Ten times more if Gosling is in it.

CON: Not in the way he'd probably prefer.

Gosling's best films, and many projects he chooses to be involved in, are more gritty, down-to-earth, character driven dramas. Marvel movies really just like to blow lots of stuff up.


PRO: He would make them a real threat to Marvel.

Thus far, DC has had a pretty hard time coming close to matching Marvel's current domination of the box office. If they managed to get an A-List star like Gosling for the Suicide Squad, that film would sell out every night. Look how many people went into hysterics when Gosling was reported to be having a child. Those same people would pay to see him in a DC movie, guaranteed.

CON: He might overshadow the film.

Plot? What plot? Viewing audiences will see it for Gosling, but critics might tear the actual plot apart if they leave the draw of the film to rest on Gosling's face. Which is what I would do. Because look at him.

PRO: They make exactly his kind of movie.

DC is basically gritty, dark, character-driven drama central. They even managed to take the idealistic superhero Superman and make his film gritty, dark, character-driven and dramatic. In terms of sheer content, this is where Gosling would want to be based on his past films.

CON: They're kind of boring by comparison.

Okay, so this is probably just me, but DC films are boring compared to Marvel films. Not just because of the explosions, but also because there's only so many dimly lit scenes of angst and pain I can handle out of a superhero movie because I want more stuff to blow up okay?


PRO: He could literally become the biggest star in the world.

Gosling + the publicity boost appearing in a superhero movie right now gives you = people talking about nothing else at all ever again.

CON: That would keep him away from his daughter.

If he actually has one. But signing on with either DC or Marvel is a multiple movie commitment, one that Gosling might not want to make now that he has a newborn girl to think about. In the past, he's spoken of slowing down his career once he starts a family not speeding it up, as signing with either film franchise would do. So should Gosling be a DC hero or a Marvel hero? Maybe right now, he shouldn't sign with either one.

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