Hood by Air is Trying to Sell You $850 Sheets That Literally No One Ever Needed — But They Are Pretty Sweet

"You know what would make life better? $1,000 bedsheets!" said no one, ever. Apparently one fashion label missed that particular memo. Street-chic brand Hood by Air is trying to sell you $850 sheets. Because, you know, that $50 set from Bed Bath & Beyond just isn't good enough.

According to The Cut, these absurd sheets are the product of a collaboration between Hood By Air and Off White, which also includes sleepwear. The line features photographer Kevin Amato's "images of Bronx boyhood," so perhaps you can justify the cost by thinking of the sheets not as, well, sheets, but as works of art? Maybe?

Anyway, the sheets are pretty badass — if a little hardcore for my taste. But what do I know? I sleep on baby blue striped suckers (and yes, they're from Bed Bath & Beyond) that are perfectly comfortable and pretty but no where near as cool as the intense, shadowy image of a shirtless boy staring pensively into space adorning the Hood By Air bedding.

I'm frankly not sure any sheets are worth almost $1,000. In my opinion, "nice" sheets are anything you didn't get from Target (not that I'm knocking Targét because literally never). Oh, and here are those sheets. You can buy them from VFiles if you so desire. I'll allow you to be in charge of your own financial destiny.

Image: VFiles