Justin Timberlake Wants to Play the Riddler to Ben Affleck's Batman, Because Why Not

Justin Timberlake shocked many with his excellent acting chops and ability to play a myriad of roles (romantic comedy lead in Friends with Benefits to the founder of Napster Sean Parker in The Social Network? This guy just has too much talent), but superhero movies like Man of Steel 2 are pretty much the last place you'd expect to see this guy. But hey, take note producers: He's not opposed to it. In a new interview on Fresh 102.7's Jim and Kim Show, JT revealed that he'd like to play The Riddler opposite Ben Affleck's Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

The conversation began when Timberlake was asked about Affleck's controversial casting as Batman. JT, who starred alongside Affleck in the upcoming film Runner Runner, had only pleasant things to say: "Ben Affleck as Batman, I like it ... I worked with Ben last summer and I've seen his process. I think he's a brilliant filmmaker. I think he's an extreme talent so he could surprise a lot of people." How sweet.

The conversation then turned toward who Timberlake would want to be if he were in the Man of Steel film with Affleck, and whether or not he'd be up to playing Robin. "Not a chance in hell," he laughed, probably because he knows that's the role Matt Damon was born to play.

"I ain't playin' Robin. I have no aspiration to ever be a superhero in a movie. Now VILLAIN! I'll tell you, the villain I want to play more than anything — because I grew up loving Batman, funny enough — is the Riddler. The Riddler is my favorite villain." Plot twist! "The Riddler was like a sociopath ... he was proper crazy. So if I'm gonna play crazy, I'm wanna play proper crazy," he said. "I'm ready. The Riddler. Gimme a call."

You hear that, producers? GIVE HIM A CALL. I could see this working — and it would totally piss off the Internet if he did get cast, which would be hilarious to see again and would make me literally become this GIF: