Banana Republic's Spring 2015 Lookbook Proves the Brand Has Somehow Become Really Cool When No One Was Paying Attention

For some reason, Banana Republic and I have never really gotten along. I always go in feeling cautiously optimistic and walk out feeling bored by all the options. Even when I like something enough to try it on, the garment always fits me super awkwardly. I only own one piece from the store, a black and white striped dress with elbow-length sleeves that my boyfriend convinced me to buy. That purchase wasn't enough to make me think the store was anything to write home about, the Banana Republic Spring 2015 look book just might be.

These looks are — dare i say it? — cool. Not just, like, business casual cool. Actual cool. There are biker-y jackets, interesting prints, and even a flawlessly styled Canadian tuxedo. I even detect a hint of edginess from these photos. Is the BR girl finally unbuttoning her collar just a teensy bit? That's something I could definitely get behind.

I know there are tons of people who think Banana is the pinnacle of workwear chic, and that the brand has been sneakily improving its offerings over the years, but I've always been more of a J. Crew or Club Monaco girl myself (not that I need business casual — I work from home wearing whatever the hell I want). I've wanted to like Banana Republic for a long time, but I've never come this close to actually liking the store before.

BR looking basic as all get out circa June 2013.

And now... the new and improved version:

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Images: Banana Republic(3)