Finally, An Anthem for Women With No Booty

It's finally here: Buzzfeed's " Butt Anthem For Girls Without Big Booties" is making the Internet rounds, creating the perfect tune to sing along with the "big booty" music videos currently populating the media. In the video, which is mostly an answer to Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," the main character sings and dances to the refrain "my butt's got nothing to offer" in an effort to bring flat butts into the limelight.

Upon first viewing the video, I wasn't quite sure that it qualified as an anthem, since the woman's claim that her butt has "nothing to offer" doesn't seem particularly celebratory of a flat booty. After thinking about it, however, I recognized the hilarious truth of the statement that I think will resonate with most flat-bootied women. The fact of the matter is that these women can't offer a butt that "claps," but this Buzzfeed video seems to be telling us that that's OK.

Buzzfeed's video has indeed created a catchy anthem for women who may have previously felt alienated by the "era of the big booty." The only issue I have with it is its caption (also a lyric in the song), which reads, “Your anaconda don’t want none and I get it.” Although this is clearly an imitation of Nicki Minaj's chorus in "Anaconda," it's also important for flat-bootied women to realize that their lack of butt doesn't make them any less sexually desirable.

And just because you have a flat butt doesn't mean you can't shake your booty if you want to. Regardless of whether or not your butt "has something to offer," the rest of you has much more to contribute than any additional curvature. The good news, however, is that girls with flat booties now have a song to sing alongside their big-bootied friends, proving in turn that every butt is cause for celebration.