Oprah and One Direction Face Off in Box Office War

It's not so much the eternal question as the question of the hour, not to mention the one on the minds of those who enjoy being box-office-conscious: Whose movie will win out this weekend? The moppish boy band, or the Queen of Everything? Lee Daniels' The Butler, or This is Us? Oprah, or One Direction?

One Direction's been reveling recently in the news that their concert documentary, One Direction: This is Us, has been scoring the big bucks in theaters; it debuted at $8.9 million. This was followed, however, by a drop of over half on Saturday, where it earned $4 million.

In the meantime, Lee Daniels' The Butler — produced by and also featuring Oprah — seems to have the flip-side true for them, taking in $3.6 million Friday, with a fifty percent increase on Saturday with $5.5 million.

It's conceivable that The Butler may pull off the feat of being the first film of the year to take the box office crown three weekends in a row. But can it beat One Direction? The projections have mostly predicted that the British boy band would take the lead this weekend (despite being largely belittled by society, the young women who make up the bulk of the One Direction audience have quite the box office pull).

While Oprah and One Direction struggle to see who has the most mojo, nothing much else has changed in the box office arena: We're the Millers has landed solidly in third place, with Disney's Planes taking up fourth with a projected $11 million earning for the weekend.