Parent Seeks "Cool Black Kids" On Craigslist

In a very protective parent move, a New Orleans parent has advertised on Craigslist for "cool black kids" to hang out with their bullied son. This is one of those embarrassing parent moments that scars children for life. Luckily, the ad is anonymous, and the son, apparently, doesn't know about it. Said parent is hoping for "cool black kids" to randomly befriend their son "casually" at a "7/11 or stop and shop". Clearly this parent has a very accurate idea of how teenagers make friends. I mean, I'm guessing the kid is a teen. This would be an entirely different ad if say, the son was forty.

Parent-child-bully dynamics aside, I'm trying to figure out if this is racist. Is it racist to assume that all black kids are cool? Because that seems like a more positive racial assumption. Although, the ad could have just as easily read "cool kids of any race" or "cool kids", the specification of "black" is strange, and sort of makes me LOL a bit at the thought of a clueless Southern parent trying to put their idea of what is "groovy" into a 100 word Craigslist ad. The struggling parent is offering $15 an hour plus incidental expenses ("pizza/movie") to hang out with their son, and I can't help feeling very sad for this parent, very sad for their bullied son, and very sad for the hypothetical "cool black kids" that would take up this tragic offer. Although it would be sadder still if this ad were not posted by the parent, but by the son himself in what he thought to be a clever ruse. Here's the full ad:

Images: Getty Images; Craigslist