Mustard Yellow Looks SO Good on Her

One of my best friends from college used to deliver a hilariously brilliant rant about how mustard yellow was the worst color of all time. I pretty much agreed with her, until now. Bella Thorne rocked a mustard yellow dress at the 21st Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Awards and she made the normally heinous shade look really freaking cool.

The actress-turned-pop star, who recently attended her high school homecoming dance looking surprisingly like a normal teen, pulled out all the stops in a yellow leather frock from Gucci paired with nude peep-toe heels, gold bangle bracelets and rings, and a structured black clutch. Simple styling worked wonders with the edgy silhouette of the dress, the color of which played beautifully off Thorne's strawberry blonde hair.

I love seeing young celebrities coming into their own stylistically. There's something about this look that reminds me of Emma Watson's post-Harry Potter style renaissance. Bella Thorne is on the verge of awesomeness in her career, and her ever-evolving fashion sense is definitely reflective of her professional growth. Plus, I'm pumped that she's making a good name for us ultra fair-skinned ladies (i.e. pale as heck). Since I also have the complexion of a porcelain doll, I can probably pull off this outfit too, right? (Just lie and say yes, it's fine).

Here she is, the most decidedly un-awkward 17-year-old girl in existence.