You've Never Seen Denim Like This Before

Ruffles have a bad rep, probably thanks to all the creepy porcelain dolls and infant girls that sport them on a regular basis. But what if ruffles are actually cool and we've been missing out? Simone Rocha's collection for J. Brand, full of girly flounces and sweet silhouettes, is suddenly making frills look ever so appealing.

The hyper-feminine designer tried her hand at denim for the first time while partnering with the laid-back California brand on a 14-piece collection. “It’s hard to have fun in my designer collections because I take it so, so seriously, but this was about being playful and very rebellious,” Rocha told The results are certainly unexpected. Picture amped up, girly details and unusual proportions.

Although there is denim in the collection, the designer stayed away from blue, opting instead for a palate of pink, red, and black. There are roomy jackets, boxy dresses, and a pair of fabulous ruffle-trimmed capri pants that will make your old boyfriend jeans look played out. This is definitely not your typical line of denim offerings, which is a great thing. I especially love Rocha's take on the denim jacket — ruffled sleeves juxtaposed with classic heavy stitching.

The entire line will be available exclusively at Dover Street Market on November 14th. Start saving now!